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Virtual Lessons: 

Virtual Lessons: - $20 for a 35 minute lesson, all done virtually! 


1. Flyer Flex - Geared specifically for stretching for flyers, this virtual class focuses on general stretching, but places an emphasis on correct stretching for body positions done in the air.  Please have a friend or parent able to assist in some of the stretches. 


2. Stretching 101 - For the athlete who wants a general lesson in stretching to improve their lines in tumbling and to make practice stretching less painful!

3. Jumps - While this class won’t be working on actual jumping, we will learn and practice drills to improve our jump positions and technique in the air, so your athlete can contribute to their teams ability to earn a perfect jump execution score!

4. Strength Training - This will be a class to build strength for your athlete.  We will cycle through arms, core, leg and full body exercises with each class.  Proper warm up and cool down will be done with each class. 

5. Tumbling Shaping & Drills - These types of lessons focus on the "why" and "how" behind how tumbling skills work.  Your coach will walk through skill level-appropriate drills, and why they are important, and how perfecting these exercises will strengthen your tumbling when you are in the gym.


Virtual lessons are available as private or semi-private lessons with your athlete(s).  These are geared towards the ability to have coaching done remotely, any time!  Please arrange these similarly to a private lesson--directly with the coach of your choice, and in accordance with your schedules.  

**For security and safety reasons, these lessons are always recorded.  Please ensure your athlete is in an appropriate setting/room/location when requesting and attending these lessons.**

Please click on the PDF link, download, sign it, and email to us before beginning your virtual class.

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