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All Star Cheerleading

All Star cheerleading is a program that combines unique elements from your traditional sideline cheerleading, gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance into one high energy, jam-packed routine.  Here at Showtime Elite Chambersburg, we are proud to offer a level of competition to fit everyone's age, skill level and financial situation.  We also offer opportunities for athletes to elect to be on a "non-travel" team in an effort to keep costs lower for our families.

**Fundraising opportunities are available for all levels of all-star cheer teams.**

Click here to be put on our contact list for information regarding the upcoming 2023-2024 season and check out our informational handbook here!

All Star Elite -

The elite program is the most intensive program in the cheerleading world.  Elite teams have more practice hours each week, more competitions, and travel more frequently to larger competitions.  Elite offers teams for ages 5 and up, and skill levels 1-7.

All Star Prep -

The prep program is designed to allow athletes to transition into a more competitive program that offers a range of skill levels that can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the team.  Their levels are determined by their stunting level, and their tumbling level, allowing the athletes to transition across levels in both areas with ease. Prep offers teams for ages 5 to 18, and skill levels 1-3.

All Star Novice -

The Novice program is designed for beginner athletes.  In Novice, their routines are created similarly, however when they compete, they are not given a numerical score against the other teams in their division.  They are instead scored in a performance range, earning an "Outstanding," "Excellent," or "Superior."  Novice offers teams for ages 3-18, in skill levels 1-3.

2020-2021 Teams:

The Wonder Years - Tiny Novice (Half Year) 

Wham! - Mini Prep 1.1

2unlimited - Junior 2

Ramones - Junior 3

The Clash - Senior Prep 2.2 (Half Year)

Gym Class Heroes - IOC4

2021-2022 Teams:

The Starting Line - Tiny Novice (Half Year)

The Wonder Years - Tiny Prep 1.1

Wham! - Mini Prep 1.1

Sugarcult - Youth 2

The Clash - Junior Prep 1.1 (Half Year)

Ramones - Junior 3

Halestorm - Junior 4

2unlimited - Senior 2

2022-2023 Teams:

The Starting Line - Tiny Novice (Half Year)

The Wonder Years - Tiny 1

The Clash (Half Year)

Wham! - Youth Prep 1.1

Sugarcult - Junior 1

Ramones - Junior 3

Halestorm - Senior Coed 4

2023-2024 Teams:

The Starting Line - Tiny Novice (Half Year)

The Wonder Years - Tiny Prep 1.1

The Clash (Half Year)

Wham! - Mini Prep 1.1

Sugarcult - Junior 1

Ramones - L3 U16

Halestorm - L4 U16

23-24 Gym Closures

Practices begin: Monday, June 5

July 4th: July 4 - July 5 (Tuesday - Wednesday ONLY)

Team Break: July 23 - August 6 (Sunday - Sunday; practice resumes MONDAY, August 7)

Fall Schedule Begins: Sunday, September 10

Thanksgiving Break: November 22-25 (Wednesday-Saturday; practice resumes SUNDAY)

Christmas Break: December 24 - January 1 (Sunday - Monday; practice resumes TUESDAY)

**Teams reserve the right to schedule practices during the break**

Easter Break: March 31 (SUNDAY ONLY)

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